4 thoughts on “Work Life Balance.”

  1. I’m with Charlie and Snoopy of course. that’s one of my favorite pictures.
    and I love what Schulz says on it.
    but you know… I have known some people who treat their retirement years
    just like “work.” they keep schedules and stressful lists and meetings and all kinds of shoulds. it’s as if they can’t simply BE. at least not without being super productive! one wonders how they will end. because after while the body has to slow down. maybe they just die suddenly. and that’s what they want. ? who knows?

    1. That is a sensible ambition to have, to just die suddenly without any trouble to oneself and / or others in the family! Leaving that aside, not retiring to enjoy a schedule free life is not possible to most people who had been used to a regimented sort of life. Not my problem though!

  2. love the two cartoons…

    I have ditched my schedule of “what I should achieve” with the mountain of materials (art etc) here….for a break.

    I’m hoping that summer is going to really appear…this morning Thor was annoyed with my region and made life scary, noisy and dismal and even dark. I had to put on a el.light to create breakfast (9am)….then by noon, Thor had wandered off some place else, and now the sun is back – here’s hoping all the laundry that is in drying mode, is dry soon!
    Catherine de Seton recently posted..Pulling back a bit…

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