I was preoccupied with a very difficult crossword puzzle when I was hailed from the veranda by a very young friend who wanted to say hello. He took one look at my face and asked why I looked so worried!

I said that I was preoccupied with some mental gymnastics and nor worried and he simply could not fathom the difference between the two states of mind.  He insisted that being preoccupied with something is also worrying whereas I define worrying as indulging in morbid thoughts of negative developments in the future.  This cartoon I think explains it quite nicely.

Please click on the following image to get a larger resolution. I thank Mitch for this lead.

What do you think? Is being preoccupied with a puzzle the same as worrying?  The dictionary appears to support my contention though not quite in the same words.

16 thoughts on “Worry!”

  1. Given that many people worry without spending any time puzzling over how to extricate themselves from the situation, it would seem that they are different. As for me, I usually start worrying that I won’t be able to get the puzzle solved by some self imposed deadline, so worry and puzzling are clearly linked.
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  2. I would also have to agree that worrying would definitely be tied to most puzzles because anything less than the completion or solving of such a puzzle certainly casts a shadow over the self-perceived intelligence of the one who has stepped up to take on the challange… 😀
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  3. Worrying has different meanings: i.e a dog worrying a bone for instance.
    Worry is not a choice, as some people have it, it can be a trait like height or red hair. I don’t worry in the traditional sense but a side effect of depression can be free-floating anxiety which others might view as worry.
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    1. I am neither depressed nor anxious about anything! But the chewing the bone reminds me that the dog chewing the bone tastes its own blood from its gums and thinks that it is actually chewing the bone that tastes of blood!

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