Would You Marry The Same Person Again?

I suppose that this question must occur to most people at some point of time or the other. Such an occurrence obviously made some one conduct a survey, and as I am prone to, the summary result of the survey was received by me just a while ago.

Since I received the mail, I conducted my own mini survey with some friends on the phone and surprisingly enough, I found that the vote split fifty-fifty! Among them, a few have been married for over thirty five years and the negative answers from them shocked me! Being the kind of character that I am, I intend finding out more about it by talking to the blokes who said no and may be there will be a post in my findings!

This question has occurred to me a number of times, particularly after my wife passed away last year. The answer is an unqualified “Yes!”

I am posting this just as a matter of interest and hope that it will generate some introspection among my readers too!

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