Writers are popping up from everywhere in my life!  I am not talking about fellow bloggers like Maxi and Holly who are published authors, but, I have had fellow alumnus Shilpa and my sister Padmini publish books in the recent past and my dear friend Rasheed has just announced his e-booklet Life – Its – A – Trip being launched on the 11th inst.

Now, my brother in law has just got an article published in South India’s venerable old warhorse The Hindu.

Since I have already written about the two lady writers earlier, let me add something more about the latter two gents.

I had the privilege of reading and reviewing Rasheed’s booklet and came away from it with great admiration for a life lived on his own terms. His anecdotes are interesting in the extreme and I only wish that he had written a few things about his school life before he went away to the USA. His booklet is worth a read for its very unusual theme and presentation.

Prof. N. Natrajan is married to my sister and is a versatile personality. He has acquired so many educational qualifications that I call him the Alphabet. He is a Civil Engineer by profession, who had very successful careers in our government as well as in the private sector and after retirement got involved in teaching gullible students the art of Project Management and now hardly finds time for his brother in law due to preoccupation with Arbitration work. He has written many letters to the editor, but I think that this is the first time that an article in its full form has been published in a newspaper. To him, I say, come to Pune to see how Senior Citizens are treated by the young and also to experience our Autorickshaw men and women.

There is another young man in my life with who all my readers are familiar Pravin, who in his enthusiasm to persuade me to write a book and get it published addressed me as Dear Vegetable instead of Dear Venerable and blamed auto-correct for that inadvertent truth. I would not be surprised if he is writing a book, though with his recent marriage, he may have diverted his attention to other matters of more importance.

8 thoughts on “Writing!”

  1. dear vegetable!
    how adorable. yes. i’m familiar with pravin though his wonderful comments.
    you should write a book too rummy.
    i will click on the links now.
    you are in venerable company for sure!
    tammy j recently posted..little joys in life

  2. it’s interesting here when something befalls someone here, I remember maybe a decade ago when I slipped on some wet bricks [footpath] by Mall and it was a young man of another culture who rushed to help me up – whereas two or more just stepped over me…of course I wasn’t elderly looking then!

  3. And what’s wrong with being a vegetable? I recall something about, “I sit quietly doing nothing, the spring comes and the grass grows by itself.” Sounds good to me. 🙂
    Cheerful Monk recently posted..Yay, Mistakes!

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