Yes, I had one!

My fellow 2 on 1 Friday blogger Shackman has come up with this enigmatic topic and I intend coming up to his expectations without asking him quite what he expects!

On the assumption that the cryptic statement is in response to some question, I intend posing some questions to which my response would be the topic.

1. Have you ever had a great big fall? While physically I have had many, mentally, there was only one about which I would rather not write.

2. Did you ever have a crush on a school teacher?

3. Did you have a miserable academic life?

4. Did you have a satisfying career?

5. Did you have a good marriage?

6. Did you have a child?

7. Did you ever have a NDE?

8. Did you ever have the experience of going to jail?

8. Did you ever trip on LSD?

I am unable to find other questions because, all those that come to mind will have response of “Yes, I had a few / many”

Do please go over to Shackman’s blog to see what he has in mind. Thank you.

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