You Can Go Anywhere From The Comfort Of Your Home.

Blogger Padmum has not blogged in a long time due to preoccupation with other weighty matters but, that has not stopped her from coming up with ideas for her brother to write blog posts on. This is one. There was a peremptory message on WhatsApp from her to her beloved brother suggesting that this be done. Never having been able to deny her anything, here I go attempting it.

She suggested another topic as well, which will follow soon. Just watch this space.

Disclaimer. I have travelled a great deal in my pre retirement days and strongly believe that substitutes do not come anywhere near the physical presence in strange locations to get a feel for the place and its people.

Having got that off my chest let me find the ways in which one can go anywhere from the comfort of one’s home.

The first way is to get oneself a good computer and the best possible internet connection. Once you have these two prerequisites, all that you need is to request Uncle Google to take you to any place on earth and he will oblige. He has got the widest possible access via satellites and Google maps. He would often guide you to consult Aunt Wikipedia who keeps getting her information updated by a vast network of nephews and nieces.

The second way is to ask Uncle Google again to list movies that show the place that you wish to visit. He will gladly oblige and you can either see the movies via Netflix or Amazon Prime or get a DVD of the film. Quite often a visit to the Youtube will also show you the film that you are looking for. This activity requires the first prerequisite as well and if you want the best results for movie watching a smart TV too.

The third way is to read books. In many ways I should imagine this to be the best way to get a feel for the place though it would be second hand. Travel books often give more details than the other methods.

The next best way to do this is to locate characters like me to ask about their experiences. The limitation here is obvious in that the coverage that the first two options will have will simply not be available to the intrepid traveller, no matter how extensively he has travelled.

I would be delighted to receive any other ideas that my readers can come up with.

9 thoughts on “You Can Go Anywhere From The Comfort Of Your Home.”

  1. I doubt if these old bones will do much travelling in the future, but I do travel quite a bit via ‘Google Maps’ and ‘Street View’. It’s nice to see new places and fun to ‘visit’ those places you spent time in so many years ago. “Ah! I used to sit in that café enjoying a nice cold beer” … 🙂

  2. I don’t even have a regular TV but I do watch quite a few things on my computer including TV-on demand. Probably got something waiting for me to watch within my saved favourites but I have a few other subscribed travel uTubers to watch, mainly young people travelling the world…I must try to do more!!!

    1. Although I have written on the topic, my own pursuits are more towards matters spiritual and some fiction for diversion. I have my newspapers and crossword puzzles to take up quite some time and so don’t have to find ways to travel without moving from home.

  3. In my opinion, the best way to travel is from home. You get there quicker, the pictures are wonderful and you don’t have to risk smelling things that might be offensive. lol I’ve traveled a lot over the years, first as a military kid and then as a consultant; frankly, I’ve seen everything I ever wanted to see in person but I saw a lot more I never wanted to see also.

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