You Know You’re A Foreigner When….

Another inspired topic from Lin for the weekly Friday LBC blog post, which no doubt comes from the fact that she is a domiciled foreigner where she lives.

My own take on the subject is based on my experiences traveling overseas.

The first obvious one of course in language. Despite being fluent in English, it is a disadvantage in most countries of the world. Imagine poor old me in the middle of Germany or France! You can read the Roman script on signs but cannot make sense out of them and most people that you try to communicate with turn out to be non English speaking.

On the other hand, traveling to say Bangladesh or Pakistan or Dubai, the last because most locals are Indians or Pakistanis, one feels comfortable that he is among people who share a linguistic heritage with you.

The second one is of course your appearance. I would stand out like a sore thumb in say a place like Hong Kong or for that matter anywhere in Europe due to my colour or facial features.

The last is food. Imagine landing up at a party as a guest of one of the invitees only to find the earlier two disadvantages plus the exotic spread on the table. Being a vegetarian has its own disadvantages and trying to find if a dish is one or not from people who speak a different language is not easy!

Needless to say, I have experienced all the three as well as some more unsavoury prejudice induced behaviour about which I would rather not write.

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